Crude Awakening

Deep Horizon Oil Spill May 26, 2010
With heavy hearts, the OFS Gulf oil spill response team prepares to leave the area to return to Santa Barbara, California ...

Gulf Oil Spill: More than a Sea Change

Matthew Ferraro holds a crude oil covered crab May 19, 2010
In the midst of desperate attempts to stem the flow of oil and the agony of waiting to understand its effects, we are left with simple questions like what exactly is happening to the waters of the Gulf? And how quickly can we move from dependence on oil to a sustainable, renewable energy policy ...

Killer Whales, Toxic Chemicals, and a Mom

Holly Lohuis March 23, 2010
Jean-Michel Cousteau, myself, and my then- four-year-old son Gavin were tested for these harmful substances, and I was horrified to see how contaminated we were. My concern as a mother is that we really do not know what these numbers mean in terms of children’s long-term health ...

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In The Flow

Jean-Michel Cousteau's November 2009 article in Diver Magazine.

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A Tale of Two Marine Mammals

Jean-Michel Cousteau's July/August 2007 article in Diver Magazine.

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Diving the Amazon: Rigors and Rewards

Jean-Michel Cousteau's May 2007 article in Diver Magazine.

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Amazon Call

Fabien Cousteau's April 2007 article in Sublime Magazine.

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America's Underwater Treasures

Jean-Michel Cousteau's February 2007 article in Diver Magazine.

Pieces of NWHI Puzzle Falling into Place

Expedition Log #7
Reported for: 10 July 2003

Reported by: Holly S. Lohuis

Latitude: 23 degrees 46.7 minutes N.

Longitude: 166 degrees 14.3 minutes W.

Location: French Frigate Shoals, anchored halfway between La Perouse and East Island

Weather: Patchy clouds and sun

Plan for the day

Today we will have multiple underwater teams as well as one landing team at Tern Island.

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