Kelp Ecology



Jean-Michel Cousteau and I invite you learn more about kelp beds. These forests under the sea are some of the most beautiful places on the planet. Imagine flying, like a bird or butterfly, through a forest full of beautiful and fascinating residents with the sun’s rays filtering down through the canopy above.

These ecosystems are not only beautiful and interesting, they are valuable to humans and they are valuable to the planet.

When viewed through the perspective of a city under the sea, kelp beds also offer insights about sustainability. Kelp plants are like buildings but very special buildings that are powered completely by solar energy and provide both food and shelter for residents. In this imaginary underwater city, there is recycling, public health, advertising and lots of other things familiar from our own communities. There are also lessons we can take from the kelp bed ecosystem to guide us in creating more sustainable communities on land.

Please enjoy this web offering. We have created a fun slideshow that explores the kelp bed ecosystem and explains how it works. We have some great web resources that will explain everything you ever wanted to know about kelp beds, their residents and connections to people. We have links to lesson plans and other resources to help teachers share the wonders of kelp beds with students. And we have Ocean Futures Society videos that will captivate audiences of all ages.

Most importantly we hope you will become Ambassadors of the Environment, doing whatever you can to protect our kelp beds and ocean environment in general.

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Dr. Richard Murphy
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