Protecting our Marine Crown Jewels: A Common Challenge

December 2, 2010
Voyage to Kure ExpeditionToday there are 43 exceptional places in the ocean included on the World Heritage List. Together they represent the ‘Crown Jewels of our Ocean’ for their outstanding beauty, exceptional biodiversity ...

Why Should Our Children Suffer the Burden of Outdated Legislation? It is Time for Chemical Reform!

Holly Lohuis speaks out against Toxic Flame Retardants on behalf on her son Gavin and all speciesSeptember 24, 2010
The logic is simple: when placed in products we use daily, flame retardant chemicals can enter our bodies as dramatically as drugs we take, although the route may be different. Potentially toxic chemicals should not be allowed in the marketplace until they have been tested and proven safe. Our children, the environment, and all species deserve this ...

Time to Return: Reflections from the Gulf

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of unreported oil and natural gas spills every year around the world, including in the Gulf of Mexico. Deepwater Horizon August 2, 2010
We all, as consumers, must take some responsibility for this disaster in the Gulf. And we must ask ourselves, how can we live more sustainability so this will never happen again ...

One Action, One Day at a Time

Gulf Oil DisasterJuly 6, 2010
As consumers, we depend on the use of oil. Now is the time to take a look at alternatives. For whatever you can afford, there are ways to work toward using renewable energies ...

In Honor of the 40th Celebration of Earth Day

Coral Reef, Nemena, FijiApril 21, 2010
Top Ten Actionable Items to Best Ensure a Sustainable Ocean for the Future. The ocean works hard for us. Now it is time for us to work on its behalf ...

Killer Whales, Toxic Chemicals, and a Mom

Holly Lohuis March 23, 2010
Jean-Michel Cousteau, myself, and my then- four-year-old son Gavin were tested for these harmful substances, and I was horrified to see how contaminated we were. My concern as a mother is that we really do not know what these numbers mean in terms of children’s long-term health ...

Volunteer of the Month: December 2009

Kristen Bor_sml_0_0.jpg

Kristen Bor

Master’s student at UCSB Bren School of Environmental Science and Management

End of the Line for Open Net Cage Salmon Farm

MEDIA ADVISORY – 12th November 2009
The End of the Line for Open Net Cage Salmon Farming?
New film premieres around the world during this week’s Global Week of Action

“The Cove” Coming to Santa Barbara

August 26, 2009
"The Cove is a cautionary tale and must be seen everywhere." - Jean-Michel Cousteau

Salmon Stocks in Trouble in the Pacific Northwest

August 17, 2009
“We are experiencing the consequences of not placing priority on the protection of this valuable ocean resource. It takes great courage to act in the interest of the environment over commerce, but the protection of our wild salmon is now an economic issue.” - Jean-Michel Cousteau

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