Summer Fun in the Sun on the Aegean Sea

August 12, 2009
Ambassadors of the Environment (AOTE) Cape Sounio, Grecotel Program:

Each summer our AOTE kids and youth programs in Greece kick off their season with great festivities: family, food, fireworks; and how about organic gardening, composting, rock climbing, or a night snorkel!

Our AOTE Cape Sounio program, designed in association with Grecotel Hotel Exclusive Resorts and Athens Environmental Foundation, takes children from ages (kids) 5-8 and (youth) 9-14 years old and their families on a journey of play, learning, and discovery in Greece's natural environments. Located near Athens, Cape Sounio lies at the southernmost tip of mainland Greece and is the gateway to the Aegean Islands. The Ambassadors of the Environment Cape Sounio program activities include a series of activities such as day and night snorkeling, underwater photography and kayaking in the Aegean Sea, tidepooling below the beachside cliffs where Poseidon's Temple stands, rock climbing and hiking eco nature trails in Sounio's National Park.
Taking advantage of Cape Sounio's natural ecosystems and culture, both kids and families alike extend their vacation experience from being able to get away to acquiring an experience that allows them to take away the life changing experience of becoming a life-long environmental ambassador. After stargazing, snorkeling, or cooking from an organic garden with our AOTE Naturalists, children and their families take away a respect and understanding for nature and our roles on this planet for a sustainable future. Further, with our AOTE Cape Sounio program being one of our most diverse international programs offered-- taught in English, Greek, German, French, Italian, Russian, and Romanian-- it is an ideal opportunity to connect with global youth and ambassadors.

Each of the AOTE activities are designed to promote a healthy understanding of topics such as sustainability, ecological cycles and connections, energy and waste reduction, recycling, composting, and biodiversity preservation. As children and their families participate in the AOTE activities, their sustainable stay at Grecotel is further accentuated with the hotel's sustainable management- their organic production of herbs and vegetables used daily in hotel's cuisine, the restoration of local-Mediterranean plant species on the hotel grounds (herbs, shrubs, pines, olive & carob trees, vines, cypress trees etc.), grey water irrigation, and no waste recycling programs. All vacation participants get to learn and live sustainability during their Grecotel stay.
We look forward to seeing you in Greece or joining us at one of our global ambassadors programs!

I would like to take this opportunity to THANK the entire OFS/AOTE family, staff and friends all around the world.  It is because of you my dream of creating a more sustainable future through hands-on environmental education is being fulfilled, one child at a time!