Jean-Michel Cousteau Dispatch - February 2017

February 3, 2017

Throughout my career, I have been an advocate for the oceans, environment and for the quality of life on Earth. We now know this abundance and diversity can only be preserved if we first understand that everyone and everything is connected. It takes the will of us all to strive towards a more sustainable future. This philosophy of shared responsibility has become a call to action for me, my team and all of you, our dedicated Ocean Futures Society supporters; but we need to do more and engage everyone in this urgent call of action to do all that we can to protect our water planet.

The oceans of our blue planet provide so much to us – a large part of our life-sustaining oxygen, protein as a major source of food, life-saving compounds used in medicines, and life-giving rains that form as a result of the interaction between the ocean and the atmosphere. However, we have yet to scratch more than the surface of the sea. There is much to still explore, much to appreciate and protect. In order to protect the ocean, we must first strive to understand it. It is why we at OFS put much of our energies and resources in to our varied environmental education programs around the world.

In the face of today's environmental challenges our mission at Ocean Futures Society may seem a daunting one, but it is one that we are certain we can achieve together.

There is untold beauty and inspiration on our ocean planet. We can all make a difference – by protecting and conserving all life on our water planet, for us now, and for generations to come.

We appreciate your loyalty and support. We depend on you, all of you, as a group of community members from around the world who are concerned about the health of our water planet. Please let your voices be heard.

Warm Regards,



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Show the Ocean Some Love!

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