Fish Bones Can Neutralize Lead in Soil

August 23, 2011
Fish Bones can neutralize lead in soilThere is no doubt in my mind that now is the most critical time for us to step forward and clean up our planet. I am inviting you to join me in a new project, one in which scientists have made an interesting discovery ...

Legacy Management

November 24, 2010
There are important lessons to be learned about protecting the planet for future generations contained in this history. It is clear that the creation and use of toxic chemicals need to be very carefully controlled and managed ...

Why Should Our Children Suffer the Burden of Outdated Legislation? It is Time for Chemical Reform!

Holly Lohuis speaks out against Toxic Flame Retardants on behalf on her son Gavin and all speciesSeptember 24, 2010
The logic is simple: when placed in products we use daily, flame retardant chemicals can enter our bodies as dramatically as drugs we take, although the route may be different. Potentially toxic chemicals should not be allowed in the marketplace until they have been tested and proven safe. Our children, the environment, and all species deserve this ...

Killer Whales, Toxic Chemicals, and a Mom

Holly Lohuis March 23, 2010
Jean-Michel Cousteau, myself, and my then- four-year-old son Gavin were tested for these harmful substances, and I was horrified to see how contaminated we were. My concern as a mother is that we really do not know what these numbers mean in terms of children’s long-term health ...

Time is of the Essence….We need to Take Action

Killer Whale Pod in British Columbia February 11, 2010
Since the airing of our PBS special “Call of the Killer Whale” last April 2009, Ocean Futures Society has been engaged in a campaign against toxic chemicals, especially those that bioaccumulate in the environment, are long-lasting and ubiquitous ...

OFS in the Press: Diver Magazine: July/August 2009

Sad Gift From The Sea

Jean-Michel Cousteau's July/August 2009 article in Diver Magazine.

Chance to Protect Babies from Toxic Chemicals

July 7, 2009
“The decline in some marine mammal populations is linked to the prevalence of flame retardant chemicals and other persistent organic pollutants” - Jean-Michel Cousteau

OFS in the Press: Diver Magazine: June 2009

Fireproof Whales and Killer Couches

Jean-Michel Cousteau's June 2009 article in Diver Magazine.

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