Public Service Announcement: Florida Oil Drilling

April 9, 2010

Public Service Announcement: Jean-Michel Cousteau opposes oil drilling off Florida

Jean-Michel Cousteau expresses concern over Floridas possible lifting of a 20-year ban on near-shore oil drilling and urges the Florida legislature to continue to protect beaches and reefs from potential long-term disaster. Acknowledging the attraction of added revenue through drilling, Jean-Michel weighs the risk of accidents and increasing storm intensity and urges protection. To potentially sacrifice popular coastlines seems foolish, he notes.

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Below is a sample letter you can copy and paste into your email.

Dear Representative,

I am writing to express my concern that Florida may lift its 20 year ban on oil drilling in state waters. Drilling for oil risks clean beaches, healthy corals, beautiful coastlines and Florida’s eco-tourism based economy. Please help protect Florida’s ocean resources and keep the ban on near-shore oil drilling. We need to invest in clean-alternative fuels and protect our planet for future generations.

Sincerely, Your Name