OFS’s Carrie Vonderhaar Inducted Into the Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame

September 16, 2011
Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean Futures Society Chief Expedition Photographer Carrie Vonderhaar

Ocean Futures Society is proud to announce
Carrie Vonderhaar’s newest achievement as an award-winning underwater photographer with her recent induction into the Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame.

This honor is more than a well-deserved achievement; it is a reflection of what Carrie holds close to her heart--a love and desire to best represent the beauty and fragility of our water planet through stunning images. She is a true Ambassador of the Ocean and through her dedication and hard work; her images give us a sense of hope when it comes to the urgency of being actively involved in the protection of our blue heart, our water planet.

The Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame has played an important role in celebrating and preserving the current and historic contributions of Ohio’s women. Carrie’s nomination was for contributions in the Arts and Conservation. She has been Chief Expedition Photographer for Ocean Futures Society since 2004 and has been photographing wildlife, under water and on land, for over a decade. By bringing attention to current conservation issues, problems and solutions, while reflecting on her own experiences in the field, Carrie’s photographs convey a ‘you-are-there’ sense of excitement for her audience. Through her award-winning photographs, Carrie inspires people to be active participants in the protection of the natural system.

An image of a diver with a humboldt squid taken by Carrie VonderhaarBorn and raised in Cincinnati, Carrie earned degrees in fine arts, French, and political science from Wittenberg University in Springfield. In addition to being Ocean Futures Society’s Chief Expedition Photographer, she is also a key on-camera crew member for the PBS television series Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures. She has taken risks to capture insightful photos that captivate audiences with emotional imagery of wildlife and conservation issues ranging from habitat loss in the Amazon to climate change in the Arctic.

Carrie was one of nine women inducted this past month. They joined more than 400 members of the Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame including actors Hallie Berry and Doris Day, artists Maya Lin and Berenice Abbott, and authors Harriet Beecher Stowe and Toni Morrison. These are trailblazing women from all walks of life whose creative and pioneering spirit have inspired us all and who are an ongoing source of pride and inspiration.

"It is a great honor to share the news of this well deserved award for a fellow team member and dive buddy, who still has many more adventures to dive into and to document. We will continue to admire the beauty and fragility of our liquid planet through the creation of the beautiful work of Carrie Vonderhaar. Congratulations Carrie!!"
- Jean-Michel Cousteau

First Photo: Carrie Vonderhaar on expedition with Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean Futures Society. © Holly Lohuis, Ocean Futures Society

Second Photo: Ocean Futures Society's Holly Lohuis with Humboldt squid in the Sea of Cortez. © Carrie Vonderhaar, Ocean Futures Society