Jean-Michel Cousteau dispatches team to Gulf oil spill

Jean-Michel Cousteau at the Prestige Oil Spill in Spain, 2002May 10, 2010

Today I am dispatching team members Matt Ferraro, Brian Hall, and Nathan Dembeck to join Gary Holland and myself at St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, to find and explain the realities of this unprecedented oil spill.

I have been on site at the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska and the Prestige oil spill in Spain, but they don’t compare with the magnitude of this Gulf spill. We will look for immediate solutions but may mostly find reasons why this must never happen again and what must be done for the future.

The team will drive the 31 hours straight through in shifts and the entire trip will be carbon-offset via GreenShipping and Bonneville Environmental Foundation, including all travel by truck, plane, boat, and any lodging.

Stay tuned for updates and follow the team’s daily activities on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Phreadz.

I am doing this on an urgent basis and drawing from funds that are needed in other areas. The team and I are donating our personal funds or donating our time to make this happen because we know the importance of being on site to make sense and hopefully to influence what is unfolding.

Please consider making a donation to Ocean Futures now to support this response team on the beaches and in the waters of the Gulf. And please stay tuned for our reports.

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Photo: Jean-Michel Cousteau at the Prestige oil spill in Spain, 2002. © Nancy Marr, Ocean Futures Society