Jean-Michel Cousteau Dispatch - August 2017

August 10, 2017


While there remains many unfortunate uncertainties about the state of our nation’s environmental protections, there is still good news to share through the stories of ambitious international achievements in ocean conservation over the past year.

At last, the state of our world’s declining ocean health is receiving the global attention it deserves to put forth meaningful actions to safeguard our oceans and our future. It is these rays of hope that give me the optimism to continue sharing my passion for protecting our aquatic world and reminding us all to become better ocean stewards.

Earlier this summer was the first UN forum to address the urgent need to improve ocean health. The UN Ocean Conference was a landmark event for international ocean stewardship.  Held June 3 to 8 in New York City, there were more than 6,000 governmental leaders, academics, activists, environmental organizations, and artists gathered from around the world to discuss ways to protect our global oceans.

Since the Climate Change Conference at COP21 in Paris, back in December 2015, I have been advocating for action – for every country in the world to commit to following through with the legally binding agreement to combat climate change and transition towards a resilient, clean-energy future. I believe that now more than ever, global leaders must stand together to achieve solvable sustainable solutions.

The next meeting on climate change will be COP23, which will build on the momentum that was achieved in the 2015 Paris Climate conference. I plan to attend COP23 and be a voice for ocean conservation, communicating the need to connect the impacts of climate change to the many people around the world who will be most affected. Maintaining ocean health is critical to ensuring the health and safety of our planet.

As citizens of our blue planet, it is our responsibility to continue this positive momentum toward healthier oceans. I encourage all of you to share your personal experiences and admiration for the undersea world and to actively take part in creating a sustainable future. I thank all of YOU for your continued support and believing in the mission of OFS: ‘protect the ocean and your protect yourself.’

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JMC meets with Fiji PM

Today I meet with the Fiji Prime Minister

It is a great privilege to meet Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Frank Bainimarama and discuss the future of the Pacific, and the planet, in the face of global climate change.
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Gulf of Mexico Short Film

The Gulf of Mexico Sister Sanctuary Network - Short Video

We are proud to announce the short video, “The Gulf of Mexico Sister Sanctuary Network” to help promote the importance of collaboration between marine protected areas and national parks in the countries of Cuba, Mexico and the United States. This new Gulf of Mexico Sister Sanctuary Network will facilitate the sharing of science so managers can better prepare for and respond to ocean changes and threats due to human induced impacts from overfishing, invasive species and climate change.
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