An Honor for all Ocean Heroes

June 7, 2011

Jean-Michel Cousteau was honored with an Environmental Hero Award at the annual Environmental Defense Center’s (EDC) fundraising event, ‘Celebrating Paradise Saved’ this past Sunday, June 5th.

Jean-Michel Cousteau wins Award

While addressing the 200 plus EDC and ocean supporters, Jean-Michel shared this passionate plea:

“This award is for all you, for all those who embrace the Cousteau legacy: not only my children and extended family, but for all my dedicated staff who work extremely hard in carrying on the mission and philosophy of OFS. And to all YOU who are passionate in making a more sustainable community for us all to enjoy the privileges of this beautiful community of Santa Barbara; and to make sure all the environmental accomplishments with in our own community are carried out for our entire water planet community, our life support system.”

When presented with a certificate of appreciation from Congresswoman Lois Capps, he added:

“A special thank you to Congresswoman Capps, who reminds us all of the tough uphill battle we have in front of us and the importance to stand firm in upholding the environmental laws that protect our water, our forests, our natural heritages, including our blue planet for future generations.”

And a special thank you to Assemblyman Das Williams who also honored Jean-Michel with a beautiful CA State Assembly Resolution, reading:

“Whereas the success of the State of CA, the strength of our communities and the overall vitality of American society depend, in great measure, upon the dedication of individuals such as Jean-Michel, who use their considerable talents and resources to serve others; now, therefore, be it resolved by Assembly Member Das Williams, that he recognizes and thanks Jean-Michel Cousteau for a lifetime of achievements and meritorious service to humanity and conveys best wishes that indomitable efforts will continue in the years ahead.”

Jean-Michel concluded by saying:

"I have the honor of accepting these three prestigious awards and certificates on behalf of all YOU. You are all ocean heroes! Thank you!"

Photo: © Jim Knowlton, Ocean Futures Society