Global Climate Action Summit 2018

Sepotember 12, 2018

I am honored to be attending the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco convened by Governor Jerry Brown. It is inspiring to see so many people from around the world expressing their concerns about the health of our planet, just as my family has for decades. We see climate in a broad sense with the oceans and atmosphere being intractably linked. My father Jacques Cousteau said “ People Protect What They Love” and I pledge “Protect The Ocean And You Protect Yourself”. I invite you to join me and my team at Ocean Futures Society to voice your concerns and take personal action to protect the global ocean system and our planet’s vital climate. As President of Ocean Futures Society, an Ocean Elder and as Chairman of Green Cross France and Territories I am proud to participate in efforts get people everywhere to appreciate the urgent need for action on climate change. We are honored to collaborate with the Pacific Island Nations, with Indigenous First Nations Peoples, and with my dear friend and ocean voyager Nainoa Thompson, Founder of the Polynesian Voyaging Society, to help the most vulnerable island nations protect their natural heritage and way of life.

Individuals, organizations listed above, and leaders of governments and business and science MUST protect our Blue Planet Ocean for our children and grandchildren – for the rights of future generations. As I mentioned Protect the Ocean and you Protect yourself.

Oceans of thanks,


Jean-Michel Cousteau
President, Ocean Futures Society