Fish Bones Can Neutralize Lead in Soil

August 23, 2011

Lead is a major problem in soil throughout the country, spread by car exhaust fumes, e-waste, and lead-based paint.

But Oakland, California has struck upon a pretty interesting solution. It's grinding up fish bones and mixing them into the soil to decontaminate the toxic effect of lead. So now a poisoned neighborhood will become safer for children through a project that will revitalize yards and gardens and employ hundreds of local workers.

“There is no doubt in my mind that now is the most critical time for us to step forward and clean up our planet. I am inviting you to join me in a new project, one in which scientists have made an interesting discovery; chemicals in fish bones can bond to lead so tightly that this pollutant is rendered inert. My hope is to help spread the word so people in neighborhoods around the world can learn about this and how they too can decontaminate the toxic effect of lead with a resource from the sea.”

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