The Albert Falco National Marine Park

May 14, 2012

The last ceremony and homage to Albert Falco, Captain of Calypso, took place on board a ship in the Bay of Sormiou between Marseille and Cassis in the South of France on the Mediterranean Sea. Mrs. Maryvonne Falco and family members of Captain Falco and very close friends including crew members of Calypso, with official representatives of the city of Marseille, were honored by the presence of HSH Prince Albert ll of Monaco, a very special friend to many family members. Joined at sea on the Mediterranean by Planet Solar, the first vessel to complete an around the world voyage on solar energy, we paid respect with a moment of silence for the man who was known, respected, and admired globally by people the world over. From the Pacific Islands-Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, French Polynesia, Hawaii, American Samoa to Europe, Southern France, Corsica, the United States including each National Marine Sanctuary, Ocean Futures Society's Ambassadors of the Environment programs on Catalina island, the Cayman Islands, Hawaii, South America, Mexico, Canada, including all members of Ocean Futures Society around the world, joined together in a moment of silence.

It was announced during this ceremony, and homage honoring his life, that a new maritime no fishing zone in the cove of Sormiou would be named the "Albert Falco National Marine Park". This was his dream and mission in life for future generations.

He was my "older brother". Bébert never had an enemy and always said friendship is permanent happiness. He specifically contributed to the protection of our life support system, the ocean. I was honored to have lived all these beautiful years by his side. Thank-you Albert Falco, Captain of Calypso, a world hero to us all.
Warm Regards,


Jean-Michel Cousteau

Images Courtesy of: Nancy Marr