Earth Hour 2015

March 27, 2015

Earth Hour Saturday March 28th


Join Jean-Michel Cousteau and the OFS team on Saturday March 28th for Earth Hour, a worldwide initiative celebrating the power of individuals, communities, and businesses to come together and acknowledge the urgent need for climate action and the bright future that lies ahead.

From 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm local time, we invite you to join the global movement – by turning off your lights for one hour – as a symbol to inspire and encourage people worldwide to make a difference, raise your voice about climate change, and come together to help protect our beautiful planet Earth.

What began as an idea to engage people about the issue of climate change became an international reality and success when, in 2008, the first International Earth Hour commenced, and 35 countries around the word, over 400 cities, and people on every continent on Earth turned off their lights for one hour, coming together and celebrating the planet that nourishes us – planet Earth.

Each year, international attention for the Earth Hour movement continues to grow. Hundreds of countries, thousands of cities, and millions now come together in support of Earth Hour and the message it brings. This year, United Nation Secretary General Ban Ki-moon powerfully stated, “Climate change is a people problem. People cause climate change and people suffer from climate change. People can also solve climate change.”

The solutions are here. Reducing emissions of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and investing in renewable energy resources to fuel our future are the most important steps we can take right now. In December 2015 the United Nations will come together to discuss an international policy on climate regulation. Now is the time to let the international world know that climate change is real, it is already affecting millions around the world, and we have the choice to change this.

We also bring attention to Pacific Island nations that are the first to feel the harmful consequences of global climate change, and especially now, when the island nation of Vanuatu and its 80 islands were struck by one of the most severe tropical storms ever measured in the Southern Hemisphere. Cyclone Pam hit the islands on March 13, destroying water resources, crops and food, and demolishing homes and livelihoods. International aid is urgent and necessary; we cannot ignore these people who are part of our global community.

Please help us spread awareness about the severe impacts to the people of Vanuatu so that more attention and aid may bring relief to its inland inhabitants. More frequent and intense storms are predicted to come as a result of increasing and human accelerated climate changes to our planet. These are not isolated issues: we are all part of the same global system.

The movement for climate change is here, and the solutions are in front of us. Let’s celebrate our life-giving planet by taking part in Earth Hour this Saturday March 28th from 8:30pm-9:30pm!