Web Resources


Below are links to resources that offer fascinating insights to the ecology of kelp beds and importance to the ocean and to people.

  • The National Sciences Digital Library (NSDL) has compiled a very thorough and scientifically accurate resource about “Kelp Forests and Rocky Subtidal Habitats.” This offers a solid overview of kelp bed ecology, kelp bed residents, the value of kelp to humans and how our activities impact kelp beds and their residents. This web site should answer most questions about kelp beds. Subjects include:
    1. Kelp Forest Distribution and Ecology
      • Dominant species
      • Seasonal patterns and kelp life histories
    2. Algal Assemblages Associated with Kelp Forests
    3. Invertebrate and Vertebrate Assemblages Associated with Kelp Forests
      • Invertebrates
      • Fishes
      • Mammals and birds
    4. Human Uses and Impacts
    5. Selected Kelp Forest / Rocky Subtidal Resources
  • The National Marine Sanctuary has created a fantastic resource that has as much breadth and depth as one could ever want. The Sanctuary Integated Monitoring Network (SIMoN) has one section dedicated to kelp beds. This portal connects to scientific information, lesson plans and wonderful visual materials from still images to videos to documentaries.

The NSDL and SIMoN web sites will provide anyone interested in kelp beds with a very good overview of this fascinating ecosystem.