Petit St. Vincent Resort, Caribbean

Jean-Michel and his team’s approach to providing guidance on sustainability
is for resorts to take advantage of nature’s wisdom as a guide
to promote economically sustainable and environmentally responsible design.

PSV 2 Bed Beach Cottage_0.jpg

Courtesy Petit St. Vincent

With Jean-Michel and his team’s collaboration, Petit St. Vincent’s owners and management are developing innovative and eco-friendly ways to improve comfort and minimize their environmental footprint. For example, the resort has eliminated single use plastic water bottles in the cottages, they are giving kitchen waste to local pig and chicken farmers, and they are creating constructed wetlands that convert wastewater into nutrient rich irrigation water for the landscape. These are just some of the examples where the team at PSV has formed partnerships with nature.

“Ultimately, we would like Petit St. Vincent Resort to become a model for sustainable and environmentally responsible development that will inspire other enterprises and our guests to live more gently on the planet that all of us get to enjoy for generations to come” says Phil Stephenson, owner of PSV.

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