Paul Gauguin Cruises, Polynesia

Paul Gauguin Cruises, Polynesia



Adult family members are invited and encouraged to attend and participate in all Ambassadors of the Environment activities and excursions. Children younger than age 9 will be accepted on a space-available basis, along with the caveat that an adult must accompany the child on each snorkeling and hiking excursion.

Lecture series: Naturalists give expert presentations about everything from how volcanic island chains form, to the different types of whales and dolphins found locally, to the inner workings of a city under the sea- the coral reef. All ship guests are invited to lectures, which occur several times per cruise.

Snorkeling: Naturalists guide Ambassadors participants on snorkeling adventures through stunningly beautiful coral reefs of Polynesia, exploring the ecological jobs of the various intriguing critters that reside there.

Night snorkeling: On overnights in Moorea, Ambassadors participants accompany naturalists on a night snorkel. When their turn their dive lights off, the dazzling bioluminescent plankton sparkle around them!

Swimming with rays and sharks: Naturalists help guests get up close and personal with some of the most friendly and curious residents of the local crystal clear shallow waters.

Onboard games & activities: From an open-air shaded classroom on the top deck of the ship, naturalists lead fun on-board pool activities such as pool games, microscope activities, and scavenger hunts, while parents may lounge poolside or choose to partake in the educational Ambassadors lessons.

Cycling: In Rangiroa, Ambassadors participants get a chance to use their sea legs to cycle on beach cruisers down a beautiful tropical coastline.

Rainforest hikes: Naturalists, and often a local expert Anthropologist, guide Ambassadors guests on a hike through tropical forest to explore how these vibrant ecosystems are connected to the ocean; the ancient marae or outdoor Polynesian stone temples that dot their path; and island colonization by plants, insects, birds, and even canoe-voyaging people.

Sustainable living lessons: Ambassadors guests learn how sun powers the entire coral reef, and how solar and other renewable energy sources could also power our communities. The three R’s (reduce, recycle and reuse) are important in behind the scenes tours of the ship. Plus, youngsters will learn what they can do at home to lead a more sustainable lifestyle to protect these amazing ecosystems they’ve experienced, first hand, in beautiful Polynesia.