Family Camp, Catalina Island, California

Family Camp, Catalina Island, California

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2021's Annual Jean-Michel Cousteau Family Camp

Wednesday, August 18 - August 22, 2021
We will depart San Pedro, CA about noon on Wednesday and return late afternoon on Sunday.


There are three locations of cabins for Family Camp. The rates are for up to the first six participants of any age. Additional participants are at an extra cost per person. (The below rates are subject to change.)

Beachfront Cabin $4400: Beachfront cabins are closest to the beach and have restrooms and showers for men and women within 100 feet of each cabin. They are further away from the dining area and some of the main hustle and bustle of camp.

Beachview Cabin $4200: Beachview Cabins sit near the dining area looking across the playing fields at the beach. The closest restrooms are for women and the men's restroom and shower is a short walk.

Fieldview Cabin $4000: Fieldview cabins line the side field of camp across from the dining area. It's the same cabin as the others just a bit further from the beach and closer to the hustle and bustle of camp. The nearest restroom and shower is for the women and the men have a short walk to their restroom and shower.

The cost of each cabin includes the first six people. At this time cabins are limited to 6 people until we get updated guidance from the State Health Department. If allowed, additional people are $650 per person up to 12 people in each cabin.

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