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Classroom Outreach

Classroom Outreach
Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society sees a perfect opportunity to bring the excitement of ocean exploration and discovery into the classroom. Through the Ambassadors of the Environment program, we demonstrate how marine ecosystems such as the kelp forest and coral reefs can be used as perfect models to teach about ecology and sustainable living. Committed to exploring the connection between our actions and the health of the world’s oceans, Ocean Futures Society provides outreach programs for elementary and middle school students with the goal of helping young people connect with the environment, each other and the future.

Conducted by trained instructors with credentials in the field of Environmental Studies or Marine Biology, each of our programs will feature a multimedia presentation using high quality videos and slides produced by Ocean Futures Society. Our instructors will lead discussions on the subject matter, often with personal anecdotes, focusing on one of the three program options:

  • “Cities Under the Sea”- basic coral reef ecology
  • “Giant Forests of the Sea”- basic ecology of our local kelp forests
  • “Close Encounters with our Cousins of the Sea”- an introduction to the fascinating world of our close cousins, marine mammals

Additional classroom programs based on the PBS specials, Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures can be requested to best meet your needs. All of our programs meet CA state standards in life science, earth science and/or physical science.

Our naturalists will conclude with a discussion on what we can do in our daily lives to address the issues raised and how our actions today affect our connection to the future.

For more information or to schedule a presentation, please contact:

Holly Lohuis
Education/Research Associate
Ocean Futures Society
(805) 899-8899