Troubled Waters: History & Politics of Landscape Photography

Panel Discussion with Jean-Michel Cousteau, Ernest H. Brooks II, Jeanne Falk Adams, Dorothy Kemper Monnelly, Arthur Ollman and Moderator, Doug Stewart

Part of the photo l.a. + art LA projects : The International Los Angeles Photographic Art Exposition (January 14th-17th) Jean-Michel Cousteau and personal friend for over 30 years, Ernie Brooks and other panelists will discuss their personal views about the future of the ocean and our coastal communities during a panel discussion on Sunday January 16th at 1pm at the Santa Monica Doubletree. Learn about the panelists’ unique insights into the aquatic world through their personal experiences as world-renowned artists/photographers/filmmakers.

The panelists include Ernest H. Brooks II, (photographer and conservationist), Jean Michel Cousteau (conservationist and filmmaker), Jeanne Falk Adams (Ansel Adams Trust), Dorothy Kerper Monnelly (photographer and activist), Arthur Ollman (founding Director of the Notable relic of Detailed Arts, San Diego), and judge Doug Stewart (art and scholarship for Time, Smithsonian Repository and others). They will communicate how black and white photography is an important voice for the ocean environment.

“As light enters the water, the brightest colors are filtered out--the reds, oranges and yellows being the first to disappear. So by choosing a palette of black and white, Ernie captures a quality that is more true, more revealing of the sea, than the color images that so easily seduce us.”— Jean-Michel Cousteau

About Jean-Michel Cousteau

Explorer, environmentalist, educator, and film producer, Jean-Michel Cousteau has for more than four decades dedicated himself and his vast experience to communicate to people of all nations and generations his love and concern for our water planet. Since first being “thrown overboard” by his father at the age of seven with newly invented SCUBA gear on his back, Jean-Michel has been exploring the ocean realm. Honoring his heritage, he founded Ocean Futures Society in 1999 to carry on this pioneering work.

About Ernest H Brooks II

Ambassador to the Marine Environment Photographer, Adventurer, Diver and Educator Ernest H. Brooks II was born to be a photographer. His Portuguese ancestry, rich in men-of-the-sea, virtually insured the ocean environment would play an important role in his life. As the son of Ernest H. Brooks, founder of the internationally-renowned Brooks Institute of Photography, Mr. Brooks was destined to follow in his father's footsteps for part of his life's journey before forging his own path.

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