Editora Cultura launches "Return to the Amazon", first waterproof book of photographic art

October 4, 2013 (Santa Barbara, CA)
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Return to the Amazon - Portuguese version cover

The riches of the world's biggest forest are on show in "Return to the Amazon", a book of photographs comparing two expeditions.

With over 300 pages, "Return to the Amazon" is a photographic comparison of two expeditions to the Amazon, the first in 1982 and the second in 2006/2007. The book was printed on waterproof paper and can be recycled an infinite number of times without losing its original color or texture.

Produced by Editora Cultura Sub and sponsored by Veolia Water Brasil, EDF Norte Fluminense, Whirlpool Latin America, Piramidal, BRQ and Cle Brasil, the book shows the unique experiences of the Cousteau family, which made the first Amazon expedition by land, water and air thirty years ago. Twenty-five years later, Jean-Michel Cousteau, son of the legendary Jacques Cousteau, revisited the Amazon with his children and some from the 1982 expedition, with a new goal: to see how the forest had changed in 25 years. The answers to this and other questions are illustrated by Carrie Vonderhaar and recorded by Jean-Michel Cousteau and Line Abrahamian, with a foreword by Marina Silva, the former Minister for the Environment, in the first waterproof book of photographic art.

"It is part homage to the memory of his father Jacques-Yves Cousteau, part scientific expedition and documentary and part a literary report on the trip, mixed with a human perspective on protecting the biome and a testament to its vital importance", says environmentalist Marina Silva. "The ethical imperative of integration between production and conservation puts us in the uncomfortable position of having to choose between a dignified life and predatory ostentation, wise use of resources and destruction and between depletion and a legacy for future generations, posting a legitimate claim for the existence of each and every thing that lives in the region", she writes.

Jean-Michel Cousteau is President of the Ocean Futures Society, sailed alongside his father for decades and travels around the world gathering support from leaders and opinion makers to strengthen environmental protection alliances. He has produced over 75 films and won many awards, including the Emmy, Peabody, 7 d’Or and CableACE.

"The book records the beauty of this extremely rich region and warns that we must protect the environment while pursuing fully sustainable production. It also shows it is possible to use recycled products without affecting the quality and attractiveness of the content", explains Ana Carolina Xavier, director of Editora Cultura Sub.


Book: "Return to the Amazon"
Publisher: Cultura Sub
Pages: 300
Price: R$ 180.00
Launch: São Paulo – 12/10 at 4.30 pm – Livraria da Vila – Shopping JK
Launch: Rio de Janeiro – 16/10 at 17h30 – Livraria da Travessa 7 de Setembro

Invitation to Return to the Amazon Book launch in Rio

Invitation to Return to the Amazon Book launch in Sao Paulo

Copies of Return to the Amazon autographed by Jean-Michel Cousteau will be available in Portuguese and French on the Ocean Futures Society website in time for the holidays. A Multi-Touch digital version in English will be available worldwide for the iPad® in November. Stay tuned for details.

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