DOXA SUB and Ocean Futures Society

Jean-Michel Cousteau and the Ocean Futures Society Expedition Team are proud to wear DOXA watches


DOXA SUB: Official Time Keeper for Ocean Futures Society’s Expedition Team

With a common passion for preservation of our blue planet, Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society has chosen the DOXA SUB as the Expedition Team’s official time keeper.

“I remember my first DOXA SUB watch with fondness. I depended on that watch during the many expeditions I was on with my father, Jacques-Yves Cousteau,” says Jean-Michel Cousteau, President and Founder of Ocean Futures Society. “I am proud to have my expedition team wear the DOXA SUB again!”

The DOXA SUB was designed with the input of Jean-Michel’s father and co-inventor of SCUBA Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau and was introduced in 1967. It is the first dive watch to incorporate a non-decompression dive time table integrated into the watch bezel. The DOXA SUB, well known for its orange dial, has become standard equipment of professional divers all over the world since its release in 1967.

DOXA has a history of endorsing ocean research and preservation and are looking forward to working together with Ocean Futures Society as a continuation of our commitment and dedication to what we consider to be the most important environmental concern of our time,” states Rick Marei, General Manager DOXA watches USA. “We wholeheartedly support the Ocean Futures Society’s mission to educate on a global level about the importance of the ocean, its integral nature to the survival of our planet, and ways that it can be preserved, understood and maintained.”

DOXA and Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean Futures Society –
legacies in diving and ocean conservation.

Photo: Jean-Michel Cousteau and the Ocean Futures Society team are proud to be wearing DOXA. (left-right) Camera Operator and Editor Brian Hall, Director of Photography and Chief Diver Matthew Ferraro, President and Founder of Ocean Futures Society Jean-Michel Cousteau, Marine Biologist and Research Associate Holly Lohuis, Chief of Expeditions Don Santee. © Carrie Vonderhaar, Chief Expedition Photographer for Ocean Futures Society

About Ocean Futures Society

Ocean Futures Society (OFS) is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization. With the motto, “Protect the ocean and you protect yourself,” the mission of OFS is to explore our global ocean, inspiring and educating people throughout the world to act responsibly for its protection, documenting the critical connection between humanity and nature, and celebrating the ocean's vital importance to the survival of all life on our planet. OFS is based in Santa Barbara, California, with offices in Paris, France; Lucca, Italy; and São Paulo, Brazil. For more information, visit

About DOXA

"Often imitated ... but never matched." DOXA was founded in 1889 in the heart of one of Switzerland's major and most inventive watch making areas, the canton (district) of Neuchatel's Jura Mountains. Today DOXA brings to the industry a perspective forged over a century of often pioneering watch design. For additional information, visit