Jean-Michel Cousteau's Letter to North Yorkshire County about Fracking

May 23, 2016

Jean-Michel Cousteau's Letter to North Yorkshire County Councillor about Fracking

Dear Councillor,

It has come to my attention that the North Yorkshire County Council Planning Committee will be discussing Third Energy’s decision to frack at their KM8 well site. I feel it is my responsibility to express my concerns with this type of energy extraction. An increasing body of evidence demonstrates that there are many reasons to be concerned about the effects of fracking. There are undeniable environmental impacts, including groundwater contamination, methane and air pollution, soil and oil spills, fracking-induces earthquakes and risk of potential blowouts due to gas explosions.

In my lifetime, I have seen the massive changes, we as humans, have inflicted upon our natural world. We have now entered an era where ignorance to the consequences of our actions is no longer acceptable. Unlike any other species on the planet, we have the option to not disappear. In Paris 2015, nearly 200 nations gathered and agreed that climate change is a serious concern and all nations must work together to limit our global greenhouse gas emissions. While I understand the appeal of fracking in offering energy security and job growth, I believe the negative consequences to the climate, environment, and risks to human health are too great to ignore. I hope to see your country continue supporting renewable energy technology and growth as a way to meet the energy demands of our future.

I have great hope, because I know the solution is our unity and the power of our collective voices to call on our governmental officials to make proper decisions that best protects our environment for our species now and for future generations. We are a critical time in history where we have the knowledge and technology to reduce our use of fossil fuels. Using fracking as a means to meet our energy needs is not a sustainable path for your county or for our planet.

We appreciate your leadership in combatting climate chance and moving your county towards a clean energy future.



Jean-Michel Cousteau
President, Ocean Futures Society

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