Two-Stomached Wonder

If you're a sea star, a second stomach comes in handy if you're after a meal larger than your mouth. Don't miss one sea star ejecting its stomach outside its body in order to chow down.

Sunflower Sea Star

When people think of sea stars, they don’t typically think of voracious predators scouring the seabed, leaving carnage and fear in their wake, but this may simply be a matter of perspective.

Sea Lions and Seals

Two of the more common marine mammals on the west coast of North America are sea lions and seals. The two belong to the superfamily Pinnipedia, which means fin-footed, and each has developed slightly different adaptations to their aquatic lifestyle. Commonly mistaken for one another, it is easy to distinguish between the two once you know what to look for. In this video we highlight a few of the easily recognizable differences to help you tell them apart in the wild. So sit back and enjoy this educational view of two of our favorite coastal neighbors.

Kelp Forest

Sea otters, urchins and kelp, oh my! Explore the delicate balance of life in an emerald forest.

Humpback Whales

In the warm protected waters of the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary, two thirds of the North Pacific humpback whale population come to compete and mate. In this short film, Ocean Futures divers use rebreathers to quietly film a pod of humpback whales. The crew anticipated their enormous size, but not the grace of their underwater ballet.

Goliath Groupers

Goliath groupers gather annually in spawning aggregations at offshore reefs and wreck sites throughout the Caribbean and parts of Florida. Jean-Michel, Fabien and Celine Cousteau witness a congregation of these enormous fish. Dive under the waves with them in this short film and discover the goliath grouper.

Creatures of the Pacific Northwest

Jean-Michel Cousteau describes a colorful dive off the Pacific Northwest where cold, nutrient rich water helps support a rich ecosystem with an abundance of sealife. He describes encounters with giant Pacific octopus, wolf eels, sunflower sea stars, a rat fish, pink scallops. a cockle, a strawberry anemone, a matridium anemone, shiner surf perch, bull kelp, and a hermit crab. Jean-Michel says he loves diving in cold water environments because he loves the amount of colorful sea life that can be seen there.

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