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Marine Mammals: Captivity

Please join Jean-Michel Cousteau and the Ocean Futures Team in supporting the Orca Welfare and Safety Act

Join us in supporting Bill AB2140 which requires any individual or corporation to end the practice of capturing Orcas from the wild, breeding them for our benefit, and placing them in an unnatural concrete environment for the use of public entertainment.

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Jean-Michel Cousteau's Statement on Captive Orcas & the Trainer Killed at Sea World

Jean-Michel Cousteau comments on the tragedy on February 24, 2010, when trainer Dawn Brancheau was dragged into the water and killed by Tilikum, an orca at Sea World's Orlando park. This is the third death associated with Tilikum while in captivity. The tragic death of the trainer suggests that maybe we have outgrown the need to keep such wild, enormous, complex, intelligent and free-ranging animals in captivity, where their behavior is not only unnatural, it can become pathological.

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