Jean-Michel Cousteau

Ocean Futures Society and Jean-Michel Cousteau are pleased
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Unique, Inspirational, Extraordinary Real-Life Stories of
Exploration & Discovery with acclaimed underwater film footage.

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A Life For The Water Planet

Jean-Michel Cousteau. Explorer. Diplomat. Educator. Film Producer. Author. Architect. Diver.

For six decades Jean-Michel has dedicated himself and his vast experience communicating to people of all nations and generations his love and concern for our water planet and the ocean’s vital importance to the survival of all life. He shares his vast experience of 75 years of diving and exploration, which began a generation ago with his father, Jacques Cousteau aboard Calypso and Alcyone. Jean-Michel launched Ocean Futures Society in 1997 continuing the adventures of discovery, communicating globally the critical bond between people and the ocean and the importance of wise environmental policy. Jean-Michel is an advocate that “biodiversity is synonymous with sustainability”, that “the solution to the climate crisis is renewable energy”, and “You Protect The Ocean You Protect Yourself.” He is an impassioned speaker and diplomat for the environment reaching out to the public inspiring young people and families to act responsibly protecting the ocean. He has launched educational programs and projects Ambassadors of the Environment, Sustainable Reefs, multimedia presentations, books, films and TV Series, and acclaimed and awarded the Emmy, Peabody, 7 d'Or, and Cable Ace Award.

Jean-Michel’s lifetime of achievements and exemplary public service in ocean conservation through education, awareness, and diplomacy he is honored with the highest French Civilian Order of Distinction, the Chevalier de la Légion D’Honneur, the Knight of the Legion of Honor from the President of France, François Hollande in May 2016.

In 2006 Jean-Michel Cousteau premiered Ocean Adventures Voyage To Kure at the White House inspiring President George W. Bush to protect the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, becoming the largest marine protected reserve globally. In 2000 his diplomacy inspired Mexican President Zedillo’s protection of San Ignacio Lagoon, the Gray Whales birthing grounds.

Jean-Michel Cousteau travels internationally meeting community decision-makers, governments and industries, energizing alliances for positive change protecting the ocean our life-support system. His dedication and advocation, as a “Voice for the Ocean” inspires and educates audiences worldwide about the need to act responsibly protecting fragile underwater ecosystems that are so intricately tied to all life on earth.

Jean-Michel’s new book " The Sea In Us" in English, ”Sauvons Nos Ocean" in French,” will be available soon Fall 2021.

Sample Lecture Titles

The Great Ocean Adventure

Drawing from over 60 years of experience exploring the oceans, Jean-Michel Cousteau will take you with him on an experience of a lifetime; a "Great Ocean Adventure" inspiring the imaginations and dreams of all who witness it to protect the ocean our planet's life support system. He is an impassioned guide through his extraordinary lifetime of adventure providing a wealth of stories and knowledge. From being the first kid to dive in 1943 using the newly designed Aqua-Lung by his father Jacques Cousteau to his childhood dreams of building cities under the sea, becoming reality during his family’s development of underwater research habitats inspiring his studies in marine architecture. Jean-Michel Cousteau is a renaissance man, sharing award acclaimed historic and 21st century high definition footage from his 75 years of diving and ocean explorations of discovery.

The Sustainable Future: "Protect the Ocean And You Protect Yourself”

Founder of Ocean Futures Society, an ocean conservation and environmental educational organization, Jean-Michel Cousteau inspires and educates audiences worldwide about the need to act responsibly preserving the fragile coral reefs and underwater ecosystems that are so intricately tied to all life on earth. Jean-Michel Cousteau has been on the cutting edge of environmentally responsible sustainable development and architecture. Ocean Futures Society documents the critical connection between humanity and nature, and celebrates the ocean's vital importance to our survival on Blue Planet Ocean.

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Recent Films

  • 2016 Feature film Wonders of the Sea
  • 2015 IMAX film Secret Ocean 3D
  • 2006-2009 Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Adventures TV series


  • Created Ambassadors of the Environment outdoor classroom extensions engaging kids and families to experience nature first hand and protect what they learn to love
  • Created Sustainable Reefs providing environmental educational resources to island nations with coral reefs in peril. Endorsed by the United Nations Small Island Developing States-SIDS, UNESCO, UNEP, and ICRAN
  • 2002 USA Winter & 2004 Athens Olympic Games representing Environment
  • 1999-2002 Pioneered the captive orca Keiko’s return to the wild
  • 1998 Space Shuttle Columbia’s Live downlink with NASA’s Astronaut marine biologist, Rick Linnehan to CNN & JMC highlighting the International Year of the Ocean
  • 1997 Earth Day International Year of the Reef celebrating the 1st Microsoft/JMC underwater Live from undersea Fiji’s coral reefs


  • Environmental Hero Award from Vice President Gore
  • National Marine Sanctuaries Life-time Achievement Award
  • Oceana Ocean Hero Award
  • Attenborough Award for Excellence in Nature Filmmaking
  • International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame

Boards & Memberships

  • Member of the Ordre National des Architectes Architecture Degree Paris School of Architecture
  • Pepperdine University Honorary Doctor’s Degree in Humane Letters
  • Trustee of British Virgin Islands National Parks
  • Ambassador-Global Cities Covenant on Climate- Mexico City Pact
  • Board of Directors of the Athens Environmental Foundation for 2004 Olympic Games
  • President of Green Cross France
  • Honorary President of the World Cetacean Alliance
  • Ocean Elder Member