Holly S. Lohuis: Embracing Change thru Ocean Exploration

Embracing Change thru Ocean Exploration

By Holly S. Lohuis, Field Producer, Executive Coordinator for Jean-Michel Cousteau

Unique among the universe’s known planets, the Earth is a sphere dominated by water. The oceans cover 70 percent of the planet’s surface and are home to a myriad of amazing and beautiful creatures. The oceans drive climate and weather patterns, generate more than 70% of the oxygen we breathe, absorb carbon dioxide, feed the clouds with moisture, provide food, are a deep source of inspiration to our spirits, connect cultures and, most importantly, sustain all life. But the biological diversity of marine habitats is threatened by the activities of one 
species: --humans.

Join Holly S. Lohuis, marine biologist and Jean-Michel 
Cousteau’s dive partner, for an engaging, uplifting and educational 
presentation on “Embracing Change through Ocean Exploration.” Through a multi-media
 presentation, Holly will show recently released footage from the Jean-Michel Cousteau's 'Secret Ocean 3D' as well as share engaging stories from her travels around the world with Jean-Michel Cousteau and his team over the past 20 years. She will highlight the complexities of the ocean environment and some of the impacts that are threatening the long-term vitality of our water planet. Using kelp forests and coral reefs as examples of an underwater sustainable city, Holly will highlight many lessons the ocean can teach us on how we can all take part in the global solution of creating a sustainable future. As Jean-Michel Cousteau always says: “Whether it is a human community, kelp forests, marine mammals or the planet, biological diversity is social security. Protecting it is protecting ourselves.” We protect what we love and through Holly’s presentation you will fall in the love with many of the fascinating marine creatures and feel empowered to be a part of the long-term solution of marine conservation and stewardship. Protecting our ocean now will be our gift to the future.

“In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we 
understand and we will understand only what we are taught.” Baba Dioum

To book Holly for a speaking engagement please email lectures@oceanfutures.org

General Bio

Holly Lohuis is a marine biologist and educator who has appeared in many of Jean-Michel Cousteau’s documentaries, including co-star of a new IMAX film, ‘Secret Ocean 3D, launched in 2015. She is also featured as a diver and on camera biologist in the eleven hours of the PBS series, “Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean Adventures.”

With a degree in aquatic biology from UC Santa Barbara and experience in the ocean realm around the world, she is an eloquent and popular speaker on the beauty and crises facing our water planet. Holly is also a PADI Dive Master and Open Water SCUBA Instructor.

As a member of Cousteau’s expedition team for over 20 years, Holly acts as a liaison between the team and scientists and is responsible for confirming the factual accuracy of Ocean Futures Society’s documentaries and publications. She has worked full-time with Jean-Michel Cousteau’s marine conservation organization, Ocean Futures Society, since 2002.

Holly has also been a marine educator for over 25 years. For nearly a decade she worked as diver/naturalist with Island Packers, the Channel Islands National Park boat concessionaire and was the education coordinator for their floating classroom programs. She then moved on to a more global arena, working with Passage Productions-Live Dive organization on cruise ships in the Caribbean, Pacific and Mediterranean. She was the on-site marine biologist at the eco-resort, Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort, for eighteen months where she shared her wealth of knowledge and passion about the importance of protecting our water planet for future generations with guests and the local villagers.

She has taught thousands of children and adults about the wonders and fragility of the marine environment and the importance of protecting our water planet for future generations.

For her educational outreach efforts, Holly was honored in 2009 with the Hall of Fame award from the San Juan School district in her hometown Sacramento, California.