La Isla

Ocean Futures Society is proud to form a relationship with La Isla; a company who has always cared about doing business in a conscious and unselfish manner. They are donating part of their proceeds to OFS as well as providing a ‘hang tag’ on all their garments with OFS logo and quote, “Protect the Ocean and you Protect Yourself.” La Isla is proud to have a fantastic facility which is mostly employs head of household women in Cali, Colombia and where they are also protective about the environment. They use FSC approved printing facilities, solar powered internet hosting through and organic cotton and Oeko-Tex certified fabrics. “I appreciate La Isla for using the inspiration from the ocean to create swimwear and clothing that is in the spirit of enticing people to be outdoors, to be close to water; to feel, breathe the natural world.”

To learn more about La Isla, please visit here.