Kirby Morgan Dive Systems

Full-face masks and diving helmets have long been an integral part of the commercial/military diving industry.  Kirby Morgan has been a leader in the development and manufacture of this type of equipment for decades.  For the purposes of our team, the main advantages of a full-face mask over a recreational half mask are clear communication and safety.  Traditional full-face masks and diving helmets, however, have proven to be impractical for our type of diving.  Our divers need to be light, mobile and free from being tethered to the surface.  Working in conjunction with our team, Kirby Morgan developed a hybrid mask called the KM48 or JMC Supermask.  It is a hybrid because the mask is separated into two sections by a silicone skirt.  The upper section works and looks much like a normal half mask.  The lower section has a port for the insertion of a wireless microphone and a removable pod where the second stage regulator is attached.  The Supermask allows the diver to have a clear air space in front of his/her mouth enabling the use of wireless communications while maintaining the ability to switch gas supplies for deep diving, normal decompression or in rare emergency situations.  In the unlikely event that a diver should go unconscious, this air space is preserved and will prevent the diver from involuntarily breathing in water.

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