Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort

The award-winning, five-star Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort is one of the most renowned vacation destinations in the South Pacific. Located on the island of Vanua Levu on 17 acres of a coconut plantation, the accommodations overlook the peaceful waters of Savusavu Bay.

Jean-Michel Cousteau, an architect by training, became involved with the resort in 1995.   He and his team wanted to prove that environmental responsibility and financial success were simultaneously feasible, demonstrating that the “eco” in ecology and economics were theoretically and practically compatible.  

The Jean-Michel Cousteau influence affected energy conservation, waste management, water conservation, landscape management, natural reserves, coastal restoration, food production, integrated pest management, interpretation for guests, and community outreach. In order to deepen his influence on ecotourism, he created Jean-Michel Cousteau Diving, a flagship dive operation at the resort. The resort and dive facility employ a full-time marine biologist who accompanies guests on dive and snorkeling excursions, enriching one’s appreciation of the diverse underwater world of the local coral reef ecosystem. Afternoon excursions include rainforest hikes, mangrove walks, kayaking excursion and local village trips, all accompanied by the biologist or local Fijian guide.   In 2005 the Resort was selected by Conde Nast travel magazine as being the best eco-resort in the world.

Sustainability is a main theme at the resort; most herbs, spices and vegetables used are grown in the resort's organic gardens. All wastewater is treated with biofilters and a “constructed wetland,” preventing any nutrients from reaching the reef and instead using the water to irrigate and fertilize their edible landscaping. Other eco initiatives include a giant clam farm that helps restore depleted wild populations on the region's coral reefs.   

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