Aggressor Fleet

Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean Futures Society has formed an exclusive partnership with the Aggressor Fleet of Dive Yachts and Scuba Schools International (SSI) to give divers an opportunity to earn a Reef Ambassadors Master Diver Certification.

This new specialty course through SSI is unique because the entire program takes place onboard one of the Aggressor dive yachts. This course is by far the most intense specialty courses as divers can log on average 5 dives and day, spending over 30 hours underwater while on their dive vacation. This gives divers an up close and personal connection to richness, diversity and fragility of reefs. The course is currently offered aboard the Turks & Caicos Aggressor II yacht, but it will soon be available to guests aboard Aggressor yachts around the world.

The focus of this specialty course is to teach divers the value of key species by focusing on their ecological role and their connection to a healthy, sustainable reef ecosystem. In addition, this course will offer lessons on the vital connection between the health of reefs and human activities.

True to OFS Ambassador’s programs, this program strives to inform divers of important ecological and biological concepts as well as inspire divers to be ambassadors of the reefs when they return home.

To this end each participant will be given a power point presentation to take home and share their experience with others. Our Reef Ambassadors Specialty Certification for Scuba Schools International and the Aggressor Fleet is a modest step toward helping divers take responsibility for the future of coral reefs. We all must work together to insure that our grandchildren have the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from these marvelous wonders of nature.