Jean-Michel Cousteau and Ocean Leaders Tackle Trash

Jean-Michel Cousteau walks beach littered with Marine Debris

Global Forum on Oceans Coasts and Islands

Jean-Michel Cousteau and Ocean Leaders Tackle Trash

UNESCO, May 3-7, 2010

On May 7, world-famous ocean conservationist, environmental leader, and documentary film producer, Jean-Michel Cousteau will address a global audience about the importance of policy and how it relates to the health of the oceans and ourselves.

Jean-Michel Cousteau’s presentation is part of DigitalOcean: Ocean Science Social Networking for Sustainability, taking place in Paris, France, at the 2010 UNESCO Global Forum on Oceans, Coasts and Islands.

Among other California ocean environmental leaders, the panel will include: Research Director of the New Media Research Institute, Bruce Caron, PhD.; World Renowned Author and President of the Blue Frontier Campaign, David Helvarg; President and Founder of Blue Ocean Sciences, Andrea Neal, Ph.D.; Landscape Architect and Environmentalist, David Schwartz; CEO of Outhink, Inc., Dave Toole; and this year’s NOAA Ocean Hero, world-famous ‘ “Sherman’s Lagoon” cartoonist, Jim Toomey.

Using the latest scientific information on Marine Debris, trash in the ocean, the team will address the importance of accurate information and how this translates into effective ocean policy, educational outreach, scientific strategy, and information that the general public receives from media sources. These ocean leaders will highlight technology such as the DigitalOcean software and how this can help improve our ocean’s health and governance by building rapid, effective communication links among scientists, ocean stakeholders and planners.

With the cascading problem of negative environmental impacts on our global ocean from marine debris, industrial overfishing, pollution, loss of habitat, and climate change, it’s vital to develop cross-sectoral technology platforms to help increase marine conservation and restoration efforts. Three related sessions are planned at the UNESCO, Global Forum on Oceans Coasts and Islands:

  • Monday May 3, 2010, Paris, France, Ocean Science Social Networking for Sustainability
  • Monday May 3, 2010, Evening Reception Presentation Blue Frontier Campaign
  • Friday May 7, 2010 Jean-Michel Cousteau Addresses UNESCO about Ocean Policy

These Ocean leaders will engage the world in discussions on how we can work together using the latest, accurate scientific information and technologies combined with traditional education strategies to create positive changes in oceanic health. They will invite national and international decision-makers to take advantage of the new policy tools provided by joining DigitalOcean network and the Blue Frontier Campaign in order to create accessible and transparent groups and networks to help develop key choices on the sustainable use of our last great global commons, the world’s oceans.

About Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society (OFS)

Ocean Futures Society (OFS) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. With the motto, “Protect the ocean and you protect yourself,” the mission of OFS is to explore our global ocean, inspiring and educating people throughout the world to act responsibly for its protection, documenting the critical connection between humanity and nature, and celebrating the ocean's vital importance to the survival of all life on our planet.

OFS is based in Santa Barbara, California, with offices in Paris, France, Lucca, Italy, and São Paulo, Brasil. For more information, visit Ocean Futures Society at

Contact: Sandra Squires
805-899-8899 X102

About Blue Ocean Sciences (BOSs)

Blue Ocean Sciences (BOSs) is a non-profit 501(c)3 supported by Green 2 Gold not for profit, a green business incubator. BOSs’ mission is to address the needs of the global community for accurate research on oceanic health, utilizing the latest technology, sharing validated scientific information, creation of effective educational materials, and developing accurate media communication on the status and health of our oceans. BOSs will facilitate utilization of human ingenuity, intellect, and technology to develop a thorough understanding of pressing environmental issues and to implement plans of action to benefit the environment of the world’s oceans.,


DigitalOcean (DO) is a UC Santa Barbara collaborative research effort with the goal to use the power of collaborative digital media to open new windows into the sea that bring to light images, data, and stories of sea life and ocean processes. DO will combine technological and social networking solutions (through the Outhink Media platform) to enable multi-disciplinary, multi-generational communities—a network of networks—to simultaneously advance ocean science research and inspire public engagement with the search for solutions to the crises threatening the world’s ocean.

About Blue Frontier Campaign

Founded in 2003, the Blue Frontier Campaign works to promote unity, provide tools to, and raise awareness of the solution-oriented marine conservation community. Working from a bottom-up approach, BFC aims to inform the public of current problems and to provide the tools necessary to make a difference. Through conferences, events, and sharing of tools and materials BFC invites and inspires people to unite as a more effective constituency for the health and abundance of our public seas and the communities that depend on them.

About Outhink Media
Outhink Media is an emerging media incubator that builds social media platforms that connect communities around social networking and media sharing.

First Photo: Jean-Michel Cousteau walks a beach littered with Marine Debris. © Nancy Marr, Ocean Futures Society