Sad Day for Morgan

December 6, 2011

Although these past few days have been very sad for Morgan, I am not giving up.

In spite of the monumental efforts The Free Morgan Group and others have made to making sure justice and goodwill prevail, our society has unfortunately failed us this past week. The tremendous amount of information that you have provided will never be forgotten and in many ways is contributing to helping the human species mature to hopefully make sure this never happens again.

Once again, commercial interests have won and will continue to misinform, misguide and mislead the public as we keep the most sophisticated marine species in jail. Fortunately, through the work of The Free Morgan Group and the awareness your efforts brought to light about the horrible captive trade of killer whales, we are hopeful young people will use this as a lesson to help future decision makers stop abusing nature and insulting our species.

We should continue to refuse to be manipulated by greed and trust that goodwill and justice will prevail..

I would like to personally thank The Free Morgan Group and all of Morgan’s supporters for all that you do and continue to do for this one individual whale.

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Warm Regards,


First Photo: Morgan in the Dolphinarium Harderwijk. © Dr. Ingrid Visser