In Loving Memory of Bob Meistrell

June 21, 2013

In Loving Memory of Bob Meistrell

Jean-Michel Cousteau and Bob Meistrell

It is with great sadness I share news of the sudden passing of an ocean legend and a dear friend, Bob Meistrell. As heavy as our hearts are, there is also a smile on our faces knowing that Bob was on his boat at Catalina Island, surrounded by his loving family when he passed. For a man who always says, ‘Do what you love, love what you do,’ on his last day, he was on the ocean, providing vessel support for the Rock 2 Rock paddleboard race in which his grand nephew was competing when he had a heart attack and passed. Patty, his beloved wife of 62 years, was close by his side.

My times with Bob and his late twin brother Billy dates back to when I first moved to Southern California in the mid 1970’s. We shared iconic ocean adventures and enjoyed many ocean events together.

In 2000, Bob, his wife Patty and some of their family members joined me at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Resort where we explored the soft coral capitol of world together, always comparing who had more air at the end of our dive. His sense of adventure and seeking answers to the unknown were contagious as he tried to identify every mollusk shell he found. His hobby and love of shell collecting made him a walking encyclopedia of marine snails and many other marine creatures found on coral reefs and in kelp forests.

In more recent times, Ocean Futures Society has used Body Glove wetsuits for our PBS series, Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean Adventures. Receiving compliments on these good looking wetsuits from all around the world, we decided in 2012 to create a commercial line of wetsuits, rash guards and skins that unite the distinctive designs and colors of OFS and the superior quality and global brand recognition of Body Glove. The best part of forming this new relationship over the past two years has been that I have shared many wonderful times with Bob at Body Glove International headquarters, at gatherings with his family at his home, and aboard his boat The Disappearance for the photo shoot for our new line of wetsuits. Through the many jokes, laughs and stories reminiscing about the “good ole times,” Bob always had a smile worth a thousand words on his face. His love and passion for the Big Blue will remain in our hearts for eternity.

You will be greatly missed Bob, but your amazing ocean legacy will live on with your wonderful family and great company, Body Glove, now celebrating its 60th anniversary for the entire 2013 year. We raise toast to you my ocean friend.

Oceans of love from me, Nan and the entire OFS family.

Warm Regards,


Jean-Michel Cousteau

Body Glove has chosen Ocean Futures Society as one of three organizations to receive donations in Memory Of Bob Meistrell. Please visit to give your gift.

Photograph: Jean-Michel Cousteau and Bob Meistrell on Catalina Island, August 2012. Courtesy Mark Kawakami, Body Glove