Creature Feature

With an estimated 200,000 species identified in the ocean and many more expected to be found, there is no limit to the creatures that may be featured here. Drawing from the stunning footage that represent the personal experiences of Ocean Futures Society divers, you can expect a few surprises in this regular feature.

The anaconda, the largest snake in the world, lives in the Amazon River Basin and other parts of South America. In this short film, Ocean Adventures team members Céline Cousteau and Richard Murphy get up close and personal with this legend ...
Goliath groupers gather annually in spawning aggregations at offshore reefs and wreck sites throughout the Caribbean and parts of Florida. During filming for Americas Underwater Treasures, a two-hour PBS special documenting all the U.S. National Marine Sanctuaries as part of the Ocean Adventures series, Jean-Michel, Fabien and Celine Cousteau witness ...
What happens when a great white shark, that eats penguins like popcorn, and a small African penguin have an encounter off Dyer Island in South Africa? Find out here and be prepared for the unexpected.

When people think of sea stars, they don’t typically think of voracious predators scouring the seabed, leaving carnage and fear in their wake, but this may simply be a matter of perspective.

Beluga whales are sometimes called canaries of the sea because they seem to sing. Jean-Michel Cousteau believes that belugas should be protected in part so that the sea will continue to be filled with the beauty of their songs.

In the warm protected waters of the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary, two thirds of the North Pacific humpback whale population come to compete and mate. In this short film, Ocean Futures divers use rebreathers to quietly film a pod of humpback whales.