The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel, California

The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel, California

Surfgrass and snorkeler at The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel


Snorkeling: Naturalists guide guests on snorkeling adventures through kelp forests and surfgrass beds, exploring the interconnections between a variety of marine critters, the land, the sea, and humans.

Underwater Photography: Underwater camera housings allow guests to develop their photography skills in the realm of the kelp forest!

Whale watching: Guests will learn about the whales that frequent the California coastline, include gray whales and blue whales, aboard whale-watching vessels.

Arts and crafts: Guests learn how Native Americans used local materials in their traditional crafts.

Tide pooling: Explorations of tide pools reveal the amazing adaptations critters need to survive in this surprisingly harsh environment.

Boogie boarding ocean experience: Guests ride Laguna Niguel’s wild waves on boogie boards and learn about the science behind the surf.

Hikes: During hikes through the Dana Point Preserve, guests learn about the large biodiversity of flora and fauna of Laguna Niguel. Night hikes reveal the amazing adaptations nocturnal animals of the Southern Californian coast.

Star gazing: With the night sky as a classroom, naturalists teach guests about the night sky and explore various the myths and legends about the constellations as well as the creation story of the local Native Americans, the Acjachemen.

Cooking adventures: Guests learn about organic food, composting and sustainable gardens in this tasty activity.

Gardening: Guests get the chance to plant herbs and vegetables in the organic garden, and they help restore native plants to a special plot of land on The Ritz-Carlton grounds.

Sustainable living lessons: Guests learn about solar technology and other renewable energy sources, the three R’s (reduce, recycle and reuse), and what they can do at home to lead a sustainable lifestyle to minimize impact on the environment.