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The Amazon

The Ocean Futures Society Team completed a ten-month-long investigation of the great waterway—navigating upstream some 3,700 kilometres and tracing the river near its very source at a melting glacier 4,900 metres high in the Andes to its mouth in the Atlantic. There, the Pororoca, considered the world’s most dangerous tidal bore, roars into life, careening upstream, wreaking havoc along its path.

By air, water and land—flying by helicopter, float plane, the Ocean Futures Cessna, navigating in numerous inflatable boats and aboard the Ariaú Açu expedition vessel, and hiking for days through the rain forest—the Ocean Futures team explored the heart of the Amazon jungle, bringing back an extraordinary acoustic, visual and literary record of life in, on and along the river.

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AERIAL: This photo taken from a helicopter shows the meltwater lake. © Carrie Vonderhaar, Ocean Futures Society/KQED