Winners at BLUE Ocean Film Festival

Jean-Michel Cousteau leads a panel, Gulf Oil Spill: Tragedy to Turning Point, at BLUE Ocean Film Festival with Dr. Chris Pincetich, Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, Dr. Richard Murphy and Dr. Ira Leifer September 1, 2010
This past weekend I was proud to participate in the BLUE Ocean Film Festival in Monterey, California, where I was joined by my children, Céline and Fabien, to honor my father and their grandfather in our own special way ...

Time to Return: Reflections from the Gulf

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of unreported oil and natural gas spills every year around the world, including in the Gulf of Mexico. Deepwater Horizon August 2, 2010
We all, as consumers, must take some responsibility for this disaster in the Gulf. And we must ask ourselves, how can we live more sustainability so this will never happen again ...

One Action, One Day at a Time

Gulf Oil DisasterJuly 6, 2010
As consumers, we depend on the use of oil. Now is the time to take a look at alternatives. For whatever you can afford, there are ways to work toward using renewable energies ...

Independence Day

July 4, 2010
It is now time to interpret the Declaration of Independence as including the inalienable right to a healthy environment as part of the pursuit of Happiness ...

The Spill and Beyond

Man O'War Covered In Oil June 28, 2010
On our initial expedition there, we were the first to film under water and our footage became evidence that masses of oil were moving beneath the surface and couldn’t be ignored ...

The Legacy In Action

Captain Jacques CousteauJune 25, 2010
June 25th marks thirteen years since my father passed away.  This month also marks his 100th birthday, so it has been a time of reflection for all of us who knew and adored him.  It has also been a time of much activity ...

Crude Awakening

Deep Horizon Oil Spill May 26, 2010
With heavy hearts, the OFS Gulf oil spill response team prepares to leave the area to return to Santa Barbara, California ...

Gulf Oil Spill: More than a Sea Change

Matthew Ferraro holds a crude oil covered crab May 19, 2010
In the midst of desperate attempts to stem the flow of oil and the agony of waiting to understand its effects, we are left with simple questions like what exactly is happening to the waters of the Gulf? And how quickly can we move from dependence on oil to a sustainable, renewable energy policy ...

Jean-Michel Cousteau dispatches team to Gulf oil spill

Jean-Michel Cousteau at the Prestige Oil Spill in Spain, 2002 May 10, 2010
Today I am dispatching team members Matt Ferraro, Brian Hall, and Nathan Dembeck to join Gary Holland and myself at St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, to find and explain the realities of this unprecedented oil spill ...

OFS in the Press: SOBeFit Magazine: June 2010

Ocean Drive: Connecting Humans to their Environment, Céline Cousteau is Nature's Ambassador

Céline Cousteau featured in SOBeFit Magazine.