Dow Chemical

While it may at first seem an unlikely alliance, in 2005 Dow Chemical and Ocean Futures Society began a dialogue in areas where they could agree on positive action to protect and improve the environment. Those areas are to educate the public, encourage responsible behaviors, and provide opportunities to make a difference.

Jean-Michel Cousteau has long believed that meaningful solutions will require dialogue and commitment from all sectors, including chemical companies like Dow. He states, “The health of our oceans and underwater habitats is directly connected to the survival of all life on Earth, so it’s critical that we work together to develop sustainable solutions — starting with education.”

As the first step, Dow helped support Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean Adventures, the PBS/OFS television series that combines thrilling underwater adventure with messages about ecology. Produced by OFS and KQED, a PBS affiliate, the series has aired on public broadcasting stations in the United States and internationally since 2006.

Dow has also constructed an Ambassadors of the Environment environmental education facility in Brazil, east of São Paulo in the city of Guarujá. This is an environmentally sound camp with a large commons area constructed of recycled wood and milk cartons. The camp is situated at the edge of a mangrove ecosystem with nearby Atlantic subtropical forests and a beautiful coastline of rocky headlands and sandy beaches . This Ambassadors program has one of the most diverse arrays of outdoor learning activities of any of our programs.